Last update: 02/04/2013

Welcome to the ECE-Foundation!

The ECE-Foundation promotes quality assurance in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy in the areas of education, innovation and certification.

Thank you for sharing our concerns. Ideas and initiative, but also knowledge, time and money are required to do good. We are a foundation with unique goals and tasks our real focus is on concrete and successful implementation.

Do you have an idea, or do you know an initiative, which exceedingly promotes the objectives of the ECE-Foundation, and which we could specifically support? Or are you aware of a specific need? If so, please click here. Would you like to support the ECE-Foundation financially or otherwise? Then please, click here. Or do you have suggestions and recommendations, or would simply like to contact us? Please click here.


CEO message

Quality is a core value of medical services. To ascertain the high quality in operative medicine tangible measures are required, particularly continuous education of medical service providers, constant innovation of utilized instruments and techniques, plus transparent certification of service processes, and of diagnostic and therapeutic centers. To ensure continuity, young colleagues need to be supported, and emphasis has to be put on hands-on training. A key factor for motivation and safety is the optimization of performance-driven learn- and training processes.

The Erlangen Surgery and Endoscopy Foundation, the ECE-Foundation, aims at actively supporting these areas in endoscopy and surgery to benefit patients.

There is no shortage of good ideas and high need in health care. Successful implementation and targeted demand satisfaction, however, need sufficient resources knowledge, time, money, and people. The latter not only benefit from the many initiatives, but are the driving force for sustainable improvement. We gladly receive your suggestions and concerns to jointly create improvements for many. Please do not hesitate to contact us your first step inspires our leaps.